First Article Inspection

What is the First Article Inspection in China?
The First Article Inspection (FAI), also called Initial Quality Control, usually happens right after the manufacturer starts producing your first mass production samples. Best will send our inspector when 1% to 10% of your ordered quantity has been produced. This product inspection is usually performed at the factory.

What do we check during a First Article Inspection?
A specialized quality inspector will check the status and quantity of the raw materials (not the quality, due to sheer number of raw materials) and components used in the production. During a First Article Inspection in China, Best scrutinize the first production samples according to your approved samples or specifications, cooperation of the factory, double check the understanding of your demands by the factory, production schedule and production processes control and in-house quality control checks.

What is the benefit of a First Article Inspection?
A First Article Inspection in China will help you find a solution if there are any production problems at the beginning stage of manufacturing. It will let you have the time to take action on your production process.

Highlights of this quality control inspection service
Detect production discrepancies early in order to avoid unnecessary costs and delays;
Implement the necessary corrective actions as soon as possible;
Avoid misunderstandings, usage of wrong materials, wrong colors, etc.

Why should you book this quality control service?
To check if the process is running smoothly, especially if no PPI was performed during the beginning of production. The First Article Inspection in China will also help you keep pressure on your suppliers.