The aim of the Business Ethics Assessment is to give a better understanding of these issues in global supply chains and by gathering information as observations and not non-compliances it is hoped that over time appropriate standards can be agreed.

Our business ethics based on ISO37001, Business partners observe this principle when, and without prejudice to the goals and expectations set out in this requirement, they are not involved in any act of corruption, extortion or embezzlement, nor in any form of bribery - including but not limited to - the promising, offering, giving or accepting of any improper monetary or other incentive. Business partners are expected to keep accurate information regarding their activities, structure and performance, and should disclose these in accordance with applicable regulations and industry benchmark practices. Business partners should neither participate in falsifying such information, nor in any act of misrepresentation in the supply chain.

Furthermore, they should collect, use and otherwise process personal information (including that from workers, business partners, customers and consumers in their sphere of influence) with reasonable care. The collection, use and other processing of personal information is to comply with privacy and information security laws and regulatory requirements.