With below solution proposals and necessary software and hardware support, we help enterprises to increase their capacity by reducing production lead time, improving bottleneck, decreasing energy consumption & production cost, increasing production efficiency, decreasing employee working time and increasing enterprise’s profit. With capacity building, the enterprises can build production & management module and environment that is harmonious,environmentally friendly, socially responsible and sustainable, so as to achieve the win-win of enterprises and clients.


This is real solution!


For factory:
To help your organization better address the potential risks it may face in the fields of quality, health and safety, environment and social responsibility, we are able to put our specialized knowledge and expertise at your service.
By investigating assigned problems or projects, we can deliver recommendations, benchmarking and technical consulting services, help factories build awareness and system, do improvement step by step, and final meet the client’s standard.
Best has worked with numerous manufacturing groups, consulting with them on the development of new production sites to ensure that standard of clients is embedded within their operational layout, systems and administration from the outset.

For client:
To help your organization to build the code of conduct which suitable for your company’s requirement development, schemed the auditing program and scoring principles, trained your auditor how to use the criteria and make the report, how to follow up the corrective action plan. Gradually improved your corporate social responsibility system.