Equip your team with the vital training they need to remain at the top of their profession.
You need team members whose skillsets are as current as possible and primed to fulfil their role to the best of their abilities. Our qualified instructors provide essential knowledge through logical, in-depth, beneficial training sessions on-site, in the field, and at convenient Best locations around the world.
Our expertise covers international and regional regulatory developments, customer and legal compliance requirements, good manufacturing practices, quality management systems certification, evolving technology and markets, sourcing and development necessities, testing strategy and more. Through our professional training services we aid our clients and their supply chain management in meeting requirements, improving business processes and products, and fulfilling demands.
Our training options vary from courses on set dates, times and locations to tailored options taught on your own premises or from one of our fit-for-purpose centres around the globe.
Engage our training experts and services and gain assurance that your business is doing all it can to ensure your key personnel are at the top of their profession.

CORE training service as the following:

⊙ Fire Safety Training
⊙ Quality Control Training 
⊙ Factory Auditing Training
⊙ Risk Assessment Report Training
⊙ Training and Capacity Building Project
⊙ GSV/C-TPAT/SCS Internal Auditor Training
⊙ Corporate Social Responsibility Internal Auditor Training