Best’s Vision
Ø To win customer trust through the provision of a professional quality service. With a customized supply chain solution to reduce customer risk.
Ø Not limiting attention to compliance, but focusing attention on sustainable development.
Ø Motivating and facilitating CSR.

Best’s Core Values
Ø Client First
We aim to increase our client’s success in what they do. Decision making and action taken is primarily with a view to earning the respect and satisfaction of our clients. Their feedback is sought out and acted upon.
Ø People Orientated
Our people are a major asset. Value is placed on the most talented and best individuals who we try to attract and retain. Each individual is grown through peer-to-peer training whilst at that same time encouraging them to develop a personal sense of accountability.
Ø Simplicity
We strive to make our clients’ experience easier by proposing intuitive and simple solutions.
Ø Courage
Performance and deliverables are measured analytically, with a culture of confronting issues openly and acting quickly to tackle them. We do not look at the past for excuses, and only look ahead to find solutions.
Ø Social Purpose
Bringing trust to trade globally is something that we are very proud of, helping improve consumer safety, working conditions and training local experts to the requisite global standards. 
Ø Building Trust
Trust and integrity are a key factor in establishing successful long term business relationships as these principles are the basis for transparency and honesty. Within the field of labour compliance, auditor bribery is responsible for the largest negative impact. Even though each service provider plays a critical role in controlling auditor bribery, other supply chain stakeholders (retailers, vendors, factories) also play a role. Given that each corrupt transaction involves a giver and receiver we must work together to minimize its impact.
Because controlling bribery and maintaining integrity are so important to BEST’s reputation, we have included specific requirements for each of the following components of our working process as part of our integrity program.
l Bribery Alert Notification
l New Staff Screening
l Scheduling
l Factory Communication
l Result Tracking
l Integrity Verification Checks
l Investigation of Claims
In addition to the above, BEST has also made available an independent and confidential communication channel for complaints. This reporting channel, created in partnership with Ethics Point, aims at encouraging our own employees, factory management, workers and clients, as well as any other external parties who desire in good faith to report known or suspected violations of our Code of Ethics in a safe, confidential and (if so desired) anonymous manner. Grievances can either be submitted online or by phone and will be forwarded to senior management at BEST for further investigation.

Best’s Mission
Ø At BEST we aim to be a highly professional, boutique, ethical, hardworking, customer focused company who stand out in an increasingly competitive business environment. We position ourselves as neither too big or too small for clients who are looking for extra from a company with deep and reliable resources.
Ø We strive to build a safe bridge from vendor to purchaser, and offer the most reliable, impartial and flexible services for our clients with the provision of our one-stop customized supply chain management services for various enterprises. This is to be achieved with BEST’s use of advanced technology in conjunction with a high quality, highly demanding and highly efficient service attitude.
Ø It is BEST’s desire that our Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability team provides strategic direction and executes a supply chain sustainability program which improves social, environmental and economic performance among private label suppliers. We also wish to develop, manage and optimize responsible sourcing programs for Exclusive Brands.

We willingly partner with customer’s Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability leadership in order that together we can shape a responsible sourcing strategy and programs in support of a long term supply chain sustainability vision that aligns with the objectives, strategy and goals of the enterprise. We also partner with cross-functional teams to ensure understanding, support and the successful implementation of responsible sourcing programs. Protecting the customer’s reputation and maintaining a reliable and efficient supply chain is key to BEST’s mission.