Brand Protection main responsibility is to protect the reputation of the customers. Brand protection supported by each brand, are all international famous brand and is a potential target for infringement, the use of these brands to engage in various illegal activities, such as forging, resell, trademark infringement behavior and infringement of intellectual property rights. These illegal activities for various business areas at risk and may create more trouble (i.e., product liability), and have a negative impact on business and supplier relationship.

Brand Protection Audit
In today's world, there has been an increase in instances of product quality failures with associated costs, adverse publicity and loss of confidence in the brand.
A Brand audit help in determining the strengths and weaknesses of an existing brand, or to cover all measures when establishing a new brand, a brand audit proves to be of great value.
However, due to discrepancies, large expensive communication campaigns for building a brand image can fail.
To assist companies in protecting their valuable brands, we have developed the Brand Protection Audit - tailored specifically for the consuming product industry. For consuming product industry. The aim is to reduce the risk of loss to consumer confidence in the brand and legal action resulting in damages.
What Benefits can you have from a  Brand Protection Audits:
• Better relationship with Dealers and Employees.
• More trust and Improvement in Brand Identity.
• Better Brand Protection together with your partners.
On completion of the audit a full report is provided with recommendations on actions required to protect the brand.