A gap analysis is mainly done at the beginning of the project to assess what is currently in place against the set of requirements that are going to be used for the implementation. In the case of ISO9000, you would take each requirement, compare it to what is currently being done, and assess where there is more required for the process currently in place.
Once the decision has been made by you to become certificated on something or apply for an official factory audit, your site needs to be assessed so you have an understanding of the current situation and can identify which areas need improvement. This may, for example, relate to the structure of buildings, equipment requirements, the design of processes or the documentation and implementation of procedures.
You will then need to conduct a gap analysis by a third party like us.
We offer gap assessment to who is seeking compliance to a chosen specification or standard and help them to know where the holes are—whether few or many—and what it needs to do to close those holes and get closer to fully meeting the requirements.
Our gap assessment service scope include but are not limited to the following areas:
• Buyer COC audit
• Brand Protection
• Business Ethics